Wearing perfume is something that not only allows us to make the right impression in front of other people, but at the same time such a thing also does a great job when it comes to giving us more confidence in us and our power. But while getting the right perfume for you is important, the places where you apply this perfume on your body are also crucial. So, which are the best places where you can apply perfume on your body in order to get the best effects?

The pulse points

These are those places in our body where our blood vessels are very close to the skin. Why would you apply perfume here? Because these spots are generating a lot of heat, and they help distribute the fragrance evenly into the air. This works in a similar fashion to the oil diffusers. These points are basically the inner elbows, behind the knees, cleavage, behind the ear lobe and the inner wrists, amongst many others. If you apply perfume in these locations, then perfume will emanate throughout the day.

Avoid perfuming your lips

Sure, there are many perfume creators which state that their perfume tastes well, but do try to avoid contact with your lips. It’s not a pleasant thing to do, and it’s just a bad experience overall. If you have a date, also avoid placing perfume in places where you want to be kissed, as it will just be a very bad experience for your partner.

How to apply perfume efficiently?

The main idea here is very simple; you will need to spray it on the area you want to apply it on. If you have a solid perfume compact, you will need to swipe. Do remember that you shouldn’t rub your wrists, as this will just destroy the scent, so that’s something to avoid.

Do not apply perfume into the air and then go through it, we know that this might be a common practice, but it is a very bad one. Instead, apply it in the aforementioned places before you place clothing and jewelry. Don’t apply on your clothes, as you might encounter a perfume that will leave stains on your clothes and these can be very hard to get rid of.

How to make the fragrance last longer?

Before you apply fragrance, you should try to add a fragrance-free moisturizer. Another good idea is to add a little petroleum jelly to the skin beforehand. Of course, you can try to layer products that are from the same line, as this way you might get some very good results.

As you can see, there are many tips and tricks you need to take into account if you want to spray perfume efficiently and make the fragrance last longer. Try and follow our ideas and you will definitely be able to enjoy some great results with your favorite perfume!